Origin of materials

Occasionally, discussion groups for parents using cloth diapers or about to go in this direction debate how they can be sure that diapers purchased from a Czech manufacturing company are not sewn from materials purchased somewhere in Asia.

Anavy is a fully Czech manufacturer. We try to get all the materials for our production from local manufacturers (i.e. in the Czech Republic). We use European manufacturers when it is not possible to obtain material of the required quality in the Czech Republic. Of course, we cannot guarantee that our suppliers themselves will not purchase any of the raw materials needed for production on another foreign market. However, we do not consider this to be an issue, because it is sometimes the only way: for example, it is impossible to get local cotton in the Czech Republic. For us, the crucial factor is what percentage of the final production process that takes place, for example, in the often mentioned Asia, and what percentage in the Czech Republic or Europe. Within Czech or European production, it is much easier to keep an eye on production conditions; on the one hand towards the workforce (non-abuse, adequate wages, health, social and pension insurance, paid maternity, access to education, gender equality...), but also towards the environment (emissions - standards for wastewater and waste products, waste materials management...).

For us at Anavy, it is very important to sew our products from materials that often have a higher purchase price, but do not carry the burden of human abuse and environmental damage.

Another matter that comes naturally to us is ensuring that the fabrics we buy are certified by the European certification standard Öko-Tex - in our case first class (i.e. for children under three years of age). If a supplier does not have a fabric we want to buy certified for this standard, we have the fabric tested in Czech laboratories where we obtain certificates of safety for use of the tested fabric for children up to three years of age. The certification testing strictly adheres to control parameters that exceed the European standards. Our inspection staff regularly verifies our compliance with all legislative requirements. But our fundamental motto is that we use only long-proven materials for production. We first  test each new material carefully and meticulously, not only in the laboratory, but also in terms of user experience. We consider this final testing process to be one of the key points for creating a quality product.


Aneta Staňková

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