Our goals and values

We adhere to a set of ethical standards:

  • The whole manufacturing process is taking place in the Czech republic. No workforce exploitation. We will not succumb to the constant pressure for lower prices that often leads the manufacturing process to countries with cheap workforce.
  • To use Czech or at least European materials and fabrics whenever possible. By doing that, we support local producers and have more control over the quality and safety of the materials.
  • When buying fabrics (or other materials) that cannot be 100% local, we want to make sure that the largest possible portion of the manufacturing process takes place in the Czech Republic or Europe. We believe that by doing that we have more control over the working conditions of employees of the manufacturers (no exploitation, fair wages, health and social insurance, retirement insurance, paid maternity leave, accessible education, equal rights for women, etc.). It also means we have more control over the sustainability and ecological impact of the production (emission of air pollutants, wastewater treatment, waste disposal...).
  • When choosing the supplier of fabric, always respect the values specified above and rather choose fabric that is more expensive but does not carry the weight of exploiting people or damaging the environment.
  • We invest a part of our profits for educational activities about using eco-friendly and low/zero waste products in general.
  • We never manipulate the facts or make misleading or false claims. Fair and honest communication only.
  • Towards the employees -- to create an environment that is pleasant to live and work in. All employees should feel that they are a valuable part of the team and that they participate in the development of the company.
  • We facilitate the employment of women with small children, mostly by offering part-time jobs for both office and production positions. The office is child-friendly with a dedicated room for the kids to play, nap or study.
  • We follow and respect the laws of the Czech Republic and the European Union in all aspects of our activity.

Our goals regarding quality:

  • The quality must always satisfy the standards "as for our own children": functionality, practicality, safety, minimal ecological footprint, comfort, pleasing design, flawless craftsmanship. To be and to remain the best product on the market.
  • We purchase fabrics and materials that are certified by the European Öko Tex Standard. When the producer does not have this certificate, we have the fabric tested for harmful substances in Czech laboratories according to the law.
  • We only use well-proven and tested materials and fabrics, we do not experiment with our customers. Each new fabric is thoroughly tested, not only in a lab but also in real-life situations.
  • To maintain the quality of our products and also the quality of the services we provide (education, consultancy, handling orders, customer service). The customer service and consultancy are always friendly, accommodating and truthful.
  • To provide product assortment that provides a large flexibility in the ways a child can be diapered. This includes various materials, price ranges, and diaper types to suit every need and budget.

Our goals regarding the environment:

  • When planning our activities we always make sure that we choose a way with minimal environmental impact. That involves, for example, choosing fabrics or packaging materials. We do not use any unnecessary packaging (plastic or paper) with a solely marketing purpose, thus reducing the enormous amounts of waste produced by product packaging to make it attractive to the customer. 
  • We mainly use recycled and repurposed materials (boxes, foils, fillers) for packaging our online store orders. We sort all waste in our office, warehouse and sewing facilities according to the local specifications. We take part in the national initiative that focuses on processing used packaging (Eko-kom). We use sources responsibly (electricity, water, paper, etc.).
  • Within the frame of enlarging our product range of zero/low waste products, we encourage our customers to take the first step in reducing their domestic waste.

Our goals regarding the development and growth of the company:

  • Always keep checking the adherence to our quality standards but also watch the market development and trends so that we are up to date.
  • To keep building and strengthening the awareness of the Anavy brand as a brand that has a human face and everyone knows what to expect when they think of Anavy.
  • To provide further education of our customers and to focus on promoting our company goals and values in our marketing activities so that they can become an inspiration for other companies.
  • To aim for growth while preserving our quality standards, ethical principles, and environmental policies. To return a part of the resulting financial profit into reinforcing these values and goals.
  • To invest a part of the profit in the continuous development of our IT technologies so that the service we provide is of high quality and efficiency and the customer and company data are safe.