Ethical principles of Anavy


  • Anavy diapers have not been created with business in mind, they were created by Ivana, the founder of Anavy, for her own babies. Their creator, Ivana, developed the diapers without the usual constraints of product designers (like the lowest price of materials, saving on wages, time effectivity in manufacturing etc.). The main purpose was comfort, functionality, quality, material safety and good looks -- the best you can give to your kids. Even after Anavy became a business brand (or maybe because it), the same values remain valid, we might call them “as good as for our own babies”.
  • Anavy diapers are made in the Czech republic. The company does not exploit any workforce. Buying Anavy you support local woman-led small business.
  • Anavy diapers are mostly made from Czech fabrics or sometimes European, when it is not possible to get the required quality in CZ). By using locally made fabrics, we support the long tradition of Czech textile industry.
  • Crucial to us is how many percent of the final product's manufacturing process will take place, for example, in China, and how much in the Czech Republic or Europe. It’s because the production here is conducted with certain ethics of wages and working conditions towards the labor force (no abuse, adequate wages, health, social and pension insurance, paid maternity leave, access to education, equality for women ...). It is also ethical towards the environment (standards for wastewater disposal and for air pollutant emissions, waste material management...). All these factors increase the price of the final product. It is important for us in Anavy to sew our products from materials that, although more expensive, do not carry the burden of abusing people and harming the environment.
  • Anavy does not use any unnecessary packaging that end up in landfill. We effectively reuse packaging material from our suppliers (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, filling material) to pack our own parcels.

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