Anavy period pads

Are you considering using cloth pads? You can find out why we, as Anavy, advocate this alternative and why we decided to manufacture cloth pads in the first place in our article Why use cloth pads?

By all means, cloth pads are an ecological and health-friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons that will bring you closer to the Zero Waste lifestyle and reduce your solid household waste. They are soft, comfortable and do not chafe your private parts. All layers are breathable so they are also suitable for women suffering from gynecological problems. Our Basic line has two snaps on the wings, so it is possible to regulate the width of the pad. The Intimate line has a unique hourglass shape that, among other things, ensures placement stability so there is only one set of snaps. Cloth pads are changed as often as disposable pads or tampons, depending on your flow.

We produce two lines of cloth pads - Intimate and Basic.

Intimate line

For their luxurious look and perfect craftsmanship Anavy Intimate is our best cloth pad. It is incredibly thin, yet reliable and stays in place perfectly thanks to the unique hourglass shape. Narrow wings don't add any bulk, so you hardly know about the pad when you wear it. We sell them in sets of two pieces with a practical waterproof storage pouch or by piece in a paper box.

Available in five sizes:
SLIP MINI -- lenght 18.5 cm, absorbency*
SLIP -- lenght 21 cm, absorbency**
DAY -- lenght 23.5 cm, absorbency***
NIGHT -- lenght 25.5 cm, absorbency****
NIGHT PLUS -- lenght 29 cm, absorbency*****
Snapped width of all sizes is 7 cm.


Waterproof pouch included in the set will serve you perfectly for two purposes. First as a hygienic product packaging, so we avoid using unnecessary single use bags or boxes. Second, it’s very handy for your everyday use with the pads. When out and about or at work, store a clean pad in the pouch, then replace it with a used pad and discreetly transport it home and store until your wash day.

You can see the pads "with your own eyes" in our video

Basic line

Night, day and pantyliners

Night and day pads are the same thickness, the night size is 4 cm longer than day size. The night and day pads have a PUL or waterproof fleece layer at the bottom. The pads with fleece are more breathable while the pads with PUL are thinner and more reliable.

Panty liners are thin three-layered pads. We make them with a bottom layer from non-slip PUL or fleece.

How to care for cloth pads

Store the pads dry, placing them in a pail or a Waterproof bag. Our wetbags are suitable for this purpose. The wetbags are zippered and you can hang them in your bathroom thanks to the practical handle. They are available in three sizes.

Store the pads for a maximum of 3 days and wash them at 60 °C. This temperature destroys bacteria reliably. They can be washed alone or with any other laundry. You can wash them in the laundry detergent you use for your underwear and clothes. Dry in the drier or line dry, you can also place them on a warm heater.

If you are using an ecological laundry detergent that might be less efficient in removing blood stains, we recommend rinsing the used pad until the water runs clear right after use. They can be prepped with bile soap, but this is not necessary. Store the rinsed pads in a pail or a wetbag bag until washing.

If you are using the pads when out and about or at work, you can store the used pads discreetly in a small waterproof small waterproof bag until you return home.



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