We recycle together

Bamboo terry with yarn from recycled bamboo terry

Anavy became a pioneer again and introduced a new bamboo terry, where the regular polyester yarn is replaced with yarn made of recycled plastic. Together, we are helping to make meaningful use of the enormous amount of hardly degradable plastic waste. We recycle two plastic bottles for every diaper with inserts we make!

Bamboo terry is a fabric of 80 % vegetable origin (bamboo viscose), and the remaining 20 % is polyester that makes the wrong side of the fabric so it is more durable. The polyester does NOT come into contact with the baby's skin because it is hidden inside the diapers and inserts. In our bamboo terry, the raw material for these 20 % of polyester is obtained by collecting plastic bottles from households in the north of Italy and turning it into yarn. The recycled yarn is then made into fabric by a Czech knitting company. It is also pleasing that the process used in the transformation of a plastic bottle into yarn is purely mechanical, not chemical (the plastic is crushed and melted, then the yarn is obtained from the molten mass). On top of that, recycled yarn production uses less energy resources and makes less CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester fiber production.

we recycle two bottles with one diaper

The fact that we started using recycled plastic yarn for our bamboo terry does not mean that our diapers are newly made from polyester and that this polyester comes into contact with children's skin. As explained above - it does not come and is represented by 20% and is a standard addition of bamboo terry. Making use of it from recycled materials is meaningful one for us. Why should polyester be made new when we are flooded around them?

The fact that this terry holds the certificate of the European certification standard Öko-Tex first class (ie for children under three years) is a matter of course for us and declares safety for the wearing of small children (infants and toddlers).

So enjoy with us the great feeling of being one more considerate to our environment!



Jana Krátká

Máma tří dětí, příznivec všeho jinakostního (ale zároveň jakostního, tedy i značky Anavy:-)) a naše spolupracovnice.