Natural (58 cm, without snaps) II. quality

Bamboo diaper insert


Atypical shape. Once washed. Without snaps and labels.

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Diaper insert (booster) made of three layers of bamboo terry that is super absorbent. You can snap the insert in a diaper or just lay it down.


We sew the inserts in 3 lengths -- 25 cm (for newborns), 30 cm and 60 cm (perfect to use with Anavy Easy). Always choose an insert so that the diaper is not too bulky for the baby.

How to use

Snap the inserts in the Anavy Easy shell, so that you can reuse it multiple times. These inserts are also perfect for boosting the absorbancy of any other diaper -- a flat, a prefold or a fitted.

Flar muslin diaper with an insert

Bamboo diaper inserts

The diaper reaches its full absorbancy after a few washes. You can find detailed instructions about proper diaper care in our article.

Fabric composition

All fabrics are certified as suitable for babies under 3 years. There may be markings that disappear after washing.
Designed and manufactured in the Czech republic.

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