Medvídek -- cleansing oil

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Hydrophilic oil for cleaning babies' bottoms.

Medvídek, combined with our cloth wipes, is a great natural, healthy and non-irritating alternative to perfumed and potentially harmful disposable wet wipes, that are commonly used today. It is a completely natural washing oil with protective effects. With Medvídek, the skin will be protected against the wet environment in the diaper. There is no need to use any additional ointment after using Medvídek for healthy skin.


Soy oil, lavender essential oil (organic), lavandin essential oil, sesame oil (organic), corn germ oil (organic), almond oil, olive oil emulsifier

How to use

Pour 1 tbsp of the oil into the 30ml spray bottle (up to the mark at the bottom of the bottle) and fill up with boiled water. Shake well before use. The spray bottle is very handy for use at home or when out and about. Spray the oil emulsion on a cloth wipe or directly on the skin and wipe clean.

TIP! Our small wet bag is very handy for storing and transporting the oil and wipes.


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