Dark mint - 70x70 cm (1 pc)

Muslin square


Incredibly soft and fluffy cotton muslin squares with beautiful prints.

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Incredibly soft and fluffy cotton muslin squares in beautiful colors.


Muslin squares are suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages. You will even use them long after your child is potty trained. The dimensions of this muslin square is 70x70 cm.

How to use

  • folded flat placed in a diaper cover, you will need approx. 24 muslin squares, 3 diaper covers and we also recommend 8 short bamboo inserts to boost absorbency.
  • newborn fold or other folda - same amounts as above + a snappi fastener
  • under the baby's head or as a light blanket etc. -- if you do not plan to use muslins for diapering the baby, 10-15 pcs will be enoug.

Muslin square in a diaper cover
Muslin square in a diaper cover

The diaper reaches its full absorbancy after a few washes. You can find detailed instructions about proper diaper care in our article. This muslin square may seem smaller after washing thanks to its "fluffy" texture.

The prints may fade after washing with detergents containing oxygen based bleach. This is considered natural and it is not a subject for complaint.

Fabric composition

  • 100 % cotton

Certified for babies under 3 years. Manufactured by hand in the Czech Republic.

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