Old times Organic WHITE 70x70 cm (1 pc)

Muslin square

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High quality organic muslin square diapers from premium weight fabric (85 g/pc)


Muslin squares are suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages. You will even use them long after your child is potty trained.

How to use

  • folded flat placed in a diaper cover, you will need approx. 24 muslin squares, 3 diaper covers and we also recommend 8 short bamboo inserts to boost absorbency.
  • newborn fold or other folda - same amounts as above + a snappi fastener
  • under the baby's head or as a light blanket etc. -- if you do not plan to use muslins for diapering the baby, 10-15 pcs will be enoug.

Muslin square in a diaper cover
Muslin square in a diaper cover

The diaper reaches its full absorbancy after a few washes. You can find detailed instructions about proper diaper care in our article.

Fabric composition

  • 100 % cotton (GOTS)

Certified for babies under 3 years.
Manufacturer: KIKKO CZ s.r.o.

How to: Newborn fold

In this video we will show you how to fold a newborn fold and how to put it on a baby.

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