We are extending the use of recycled materials in our production

Ever since the very beginning, the Anavy brand has been striving to respect principles fitting the “social purpose” category. Find out more about in the article We are a social enterprise. One of the key factors among these principles is the environment.

In 2019, we introduced new material into our production of children’s cloth diapers and absorbent inserts. The material is bamboo terry fabric, in which the common polyester yarn is replaced by yarn made from recycled plastic. Together, we help to contribute to the meaningful use of the enormous amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste. With a single diaper with an absorbent insert produced by our company, we recycle two plastic bottles! Learn more about it in our article on Recycling together.


Since mid-July 2020, we have introduced a new PUL (polyurethane laminate) in the production of our diaper covers, training pants, Anavy Easy, wet bags and other products. New technology applied in the production of this material uses jersey fabric made from recycled polyester, which significantly extends the range of recycled materials in our product portfolio (currently, 80 % of our products are made with recycled yarn). So if you buy one Anavy diaper with absorbent inserts and a diaper cover, it adds up to 3 plastic bottles we recycle together.

However, the environmental factor was not the only one leading us to this change. We also always strive to keep improving the quality of our products. The new PUL fabric offers the following additional qualities:
  • it is soft and delicate
  • it is highly reliable
  • it has been well proven on the market
  • it is completely made in Europe (predominantly in the Czech Republic)
Here is an interesting glimpse into the history of PUL development in our company. In the beginning, we used PUL imported from the USA. Later, we switched to European PUL, and we currently use PUL made from recycled yarn originated entirely in Europe (yarn made in Europe, printed in the Czech Republic and laminated in Europe).

We are looking forward to your responses and we believe you will also enjoy the launch of our new designer collection we have prepared to highlight this change.

Starting with this collection, our new products will include a special label depicting a stamp of recycled material used in production.

 We wish you enjoyable experience using our products and contributing to environmental protection.


Jana Krátká

Máma tří dětí, příznivec všeho jinakostního (ale zároveň jakostního, tedy i značky Anavy:-)) a naše spolupracovnice.