We are introducing the lanolin spray

Our lanolin spray is ideal for strengthening and extending the water resistance of wool diaper covers between washes and full lanolin treatments.

If you feel that your wool cover does not need to be washed yet, but is starting to leak, then it is definitely time to use this lanolin spray. It is also useful if you feel that the first lanolin treatment of a new wool cover has not been sufficient (you can read more about lanolising in our article Wool cover care).

Spray application is very easy, as you can see in our video.

 video tutorial on using lanolin spray

We have to mention a common saying "shake well before use" :-) It is really apt here - the spray, when it stands longer, creates a separate layer of lanolin on top. Which is a normal phenomenon.

The spray is very rich in lanolin and only contains a little percentage of water, so you do not have to worry that it would take a long time for the wool cover to dry after applying the spray. They can be dry within half an hour and lanolised thoroughly.

ou can read more about lanolin itself in our article Many uses of Anhydrous lanolin from sheeps wool.


Jana Krátká

Máma tří dětí, příznivec všeho jinakostního (ale zároveň jakostního, tedy i značky Anavy:-)) a naše spolupracovnice.