Anavy story

My name is Ivana Filipovičová, I have three children and one husband :-) and in this article I would like to tell you to the story of Anavy, a brand that has been created without any business in mind, but already has a history.

It all started with my first pregnancy (in 2007), when my husband and I decided to save a little bit of waste, and at the same time our wallet, and use cloth diapers instead of disposables. So I started to research what's on the market, bought a few diapers, inspected them, and decided to try to sew some myself. I combined the shapes and properties of a variety of purchased diapers  and our daughter wore the resulting products for about 6 months when she grew out of them.

I knew about the existence of one-size diapers that would last from birth to potty, but I only had one. This diaper seemed too large and uncomfortable to me. So I started to develop my own pattern, which I gradually adjusted to what I did or did not like when I put the diaper on my daughter. The diapers were then tested by my friends' children, and later on they became very popular on an internet discussion board I attended at the time. So I sorted out all the formalities (especially the search for certified materials, threads etc.) and went on selling them. This is September 2009 and the Anavy brand officially begins to exist.

Over time, we added other products to the assortment -- cloth pads for women, merino wool wraps, woolen and fleece diaper covers etc.

Due to the high demand, it was no longer possible for me to sew the diapers myself. On top of that, our second child was born at the beginning of 2010 so I had to find someone to help me. I foud 3 women, two of them, like me, were mothers on parental leave and the third was a professional seamstress with industrial sewing machines and technology.

Our diapers were gradually tested by our son (born in 2010), our second daughter (born in 2011) and hundreds of other babies all over the country and abroad. The reviews of mothers gradually manifested in adjustments of the original diaper and in new product development.

In this period, we are ranking on the top positions in the Diaper of the Year Poll. We are the absolute winner with the highest number of votes in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

In 2013 we also get titles:

  • Fitted diaper of the year with Anavy Onesize bamboo fitted diaper
  • Flat diaper of the year with Anavy bamboo prefold
  • AIO diaper of the year with Anavy Easy
  • Diaper cover of the year with Anavy Onesize PUL cover

This poll was conducted from 2011 to 2016 and the Anavy nappies always placed on the top positions. In 2016, this survey ceased to exist and no other consumer polls focused on cloth diapers are currently in progress.

At the end of 2012 , 5 seamstresses were already involved in the production of Anavy diapers, the packages were packed and prepared by my colleague Martina, and I was in charge of administration, consultancy, product photography, but mainly planned and implemented our future :-)


Plans were transformed into reality, so in 2014 it was necessary to find larger warehouse and administrative premises. A new colleague, Hanka, has been added to our team as the head of customer service and diaper consultant. The sewing workshop has grown and so did the production range. We are constantly testing new materials (which we are putting into production only after careful testing), incorporating new designs and trying to make our diapers the best on the market. Thanks to the great emphasis on quality, which is our priority, we are successful.

So again, in 2018, we have to move to a larger space and we settle down in one of the buildings of once a  very important textile factory. In a way, we help with sort of renewal of the textile manufacturing tradition, which belongs to Ivančice and Brno regions since the 1800s. Your parcels are prepared by Lenka, who also communicates with you.


I continue to concentrate on development and foreign market and I hold the function of an IT manager as well, which corresponds to the fact that my life was originally directed to this field because I studied computer science :-) So everything is as it should be :-)

We also find help in the form of our new colleague Šárka, who is responsible for keeping the online store stock up to date. Then in 2019, Jana joins us. She helps us with the text content of all our marketing channels and we start working on serious marketing together :-)


In addition, in 2019, we are establishing a second sewing workshop for our new product range -- Anavy Intimate cloth pads. We already know where we are going next, so to our delight, we will be gradually writing this new chapter of our story :-)

You, our customers, stand behind this success. In return, we can guarantee that we enjoy working on products that are not only of practical value but also contribute to solving the global problem of environmental pollution. This is an important driving force, so even though this year - in 2019 - we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand, it does not keep us from our desire to continue.



Ivana Filipovičová

Zakladatelka značky Anavy, majitelka společnosti a máma tří dětí.