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Changing mat

Přebalovací podložka je nepostradatelným každodenním pomocníkem v péči o miminko.

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This changing mat is super soft and absorbent at the top side and water-repellent at the bottom. These mats ARE NOT fully waterproof, like our PUL mats, but are firmer and more suitable for changing outdoors because they do not bunch up under the baby.


50x70 cm

How to use

You will find this mat handy when changing at home, out and about (it protects the baby from wet grass, for example) or at the doctor´s. It won´t take almost any space in your diaper bag. It´s also useful for protecting the stroller or crib. The top layer is very absorbent so all accidents will be taken care of.

Changing mat

Fabric composition

  • top layer: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • bottom layer: 100% polyester

All fabrics are certified as suitable for babies under 3 years. There may be markings that disappear after washing.
Designed and manufactured in the Czech republic.

How to: Changing mat

In this video we will show you our changing mats and tips for using them.

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