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PUL diaper cover pull-up


Little stain on fleece in front area, about 4 mm. It will probably be washed. It does not affect the function.

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This diaper cover is waterproof and very soft. The hems around the legs are made of a very stretchy fleece that is very gentle to the sensitive skin.


The cover fits all babies according to the size table over most diapers. The weight indications are approximate, always measure your baby.

  • XS (2.5-4 kg) -- waist 23-38 cm, thigh 14-20 cm, rise approx. 46 cm
    (for very small newborns)
  • S (3.5-7 kg) -- waist 32-42 cm, thigh 17-25 cm, rise approx. 52 cm
    (for average newborns, over muslin square folds or a fitted diaper)
  • M (6-11 kg) -- waist 38-52 cm, thigh 22-30 cm, rise approx. 55 cm
    (fits over onesize fitted, too loose over a newborn fitted)
  • L (10-14 kg) -- waist 44-60 cm, thigh 26-38 cm, rise approx. 60 cm
    (for toddlers over 1 year over onesize fitted or night/XL fitted)
  • XL (12+ kg) -- waist 50 cm+, rise approx. 63 cm
    (for older toddlers, especially over night diapers)
If your baby is in between sizes, always choose the larger one.

How to use

This PUL cover can be used over any absorbant diaper -- muslin square, prefold or fitted. You can use the cover several times between washes unless soiled.

You can find detailed instructions about proper diaper care in our article.

Fabric composition

  • main fabric: AIR+ 100% polyester with polyurethane coating
  • hems: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

Air+ Air+ is a unique fabric with a membrane with high breathability and water resistancy (breathability RET 10 Pa.m2/W, water resistency >10 000 mm). It is made in Europe (mostly in CZ) in a wide range of colours and prints exclusively for Anavy.

Due to hight breathability of the fabric, you can experience some wetness on the outside of the diaper. It is caused by the water vapour condensation and it is not a defect.

All fabrics are certified as suitable for babies under 3 years. Latex free elastics. There may be markings that disappear after washing.
Designed and manufactured in the Czech republic.

Pull-up diaper covers

Pull-up diaper covers are very gentle to the sensitive skin on thighs and belly. Watch the video to see how easy it is to put them on a baby.

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