Wet/dry bag

This little handy wetbag has two separate pockets. You can use it for storing cloth pads, wipes or make-up.

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This bag is made from waterproof PUL fabric. There are two separate compartments -- the zippered, larger one for your used pads and a smaller one with a snap for the clean pads. The clean pad compartment will hold 4 day pads, the used pad compartment will hold approx. 6 day pads.

Nepromokavá taštička


20x21 cm

How to use

There is a handy button-up strap so you can hand it anywhere.

You can also use the wetbag for storing cloth wipes for your baby, its size and two separate pockets are ideal for this purpose.

Fabric composition

Recycled polyester We use polester yarn from recycled PET bottles to make our bamboo terry and PUL fabric. We effectively recycle 2-3 PET bottles for every diaper we make. Both PUL fabric and bamboo terry are manufactured in Europe.

Due to hight breathability of the fabric, you can experience some wetness on the outside of the product. It is caused by the water vapour condensation and it is not a defect.

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