Solid Lanolin

Pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin (Adeps lanae)

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Anavy solid lanolin is suitable for impregnating wool diaper covers. It has been approved by The National Institute of Public Health as suitable for direct contact with the skin of babies and children under 3 years.

Our lanolin is of European origin (as opposed to most of the lanolin on the market, that is from Asia). It is of pharmaceutical quality containing under 1 ppm of pesticide residues, common cosmetic grade lanolin contains as much as 1000x more. The packaging has been carried out in a certified laboratory.

How to use

For lanolising one wool diaper cover: dissolve one teaspoon of lanolin in a small amount of hot water. Add a drop of shampoo and mix until milky liguid is obtained. Pour it into a larger container and fill up with warm water. The lanolising bath is now ready.

Place the wool cover in the bath and let soak thorougly. You can then remove them from the bath and squeeze gently. Shape the cover in its original size, stretching them in length. Dry laid flat.

You will also find the instructions at the back of the packaging.

It is normal for the wool cover to be slightly sticky after lanolising. It is a sign of a successfull treatment and will diminish after several uses.

Anavy lanolin was not tested on animals!The skin patch tests have been carried out on human volunteers from the Czech republic that were been paid for the job, according to the European ethical codex for biomedical research.

More information about lanolin and its properties can be found in our article.


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